National beef prices affect Baton Rouge restaurants

National beef prices affect Baton Rouge restaurants

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The recent spikes in beef prices will potentially affect prices on the menus of restaurants, according to owners.

A US Department of Agriculture reports shows America is at a historic low in cattle numbers. Doug Hosford, owner of Fat Cow Burgers off Highland Road in Baton Rouge, said it has a lot to do with the cold spell the country was hit with last year.

Hosford said as a restaurant owner, he is always looking at the trend in meat pricing, but was kind of shocked with the rise in price of beef.

"We see it after a month or two months and then, all of a sudden one day, it's through the roof," Hosford explained.

He added that his restaurant stuck with its prices this year, but will have to consider increasing them next year.

"It makes us make less money. We try to keep our products priced reasonably in the market and it's hard for people to understand when our prices go up, the price on the menu go up, too," Hosford stated.

Because of low cattle numbers, the USDA said prices for some dairy products have also risen.

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