Your Turn: Edmonson safety message

WAFB Your Turn: Mike Edmonson Safety Message

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Patricia Juneau. Juneau sent us an email this week reacting to last week's "Your Turn" commentary by State Police Col. Mike Edmonson. Edmonson implored people to drive safely this holiday season, expressing concern for all of the people who are affected when there's a deadly traffic accident. Juneau appreciated his comments.

In her words: Thanks so much for this reminder. These statistics are tragic and should instill in each of us who hear this that it is I who has the responsibility of driving safely with my seat belt on, ensuring all passengers in my vehicle have theirs on, and that I make it my business to focus all my attention on driving in order to protect my passengers, those in other vehicles I meet, and my own safety as well. Thanks, Colonel, for the reminder.

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