Families launch lanterns in memory of lost loved ones

Families launch lanterns in memory of lost loved ones

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - The holiday season is one to reunite with those you care about most, but for families who have lost loved ones, Christmas isn't always so bright.

This year, a woman used the Christmas spirit to honor those who have passed away.

As the sun started to set on Evergreen Memorial Park in Denham Springs on Thursday, memories began to rise in the heart of Anita Ferguson and many others.

"Quite of few of us have sons, daughters, family members that can't be here for Christmas," Ferguson said.

So, family members sent Christmas to them.

"Got some lanterns and we are sending them to all of our family and friends in heaven. It's one of the first Christmases that I've been able to do anything because of grief," Ferguson added.

Grief is something she is still dealing with after a 2010 car accident took the life of her son, Elden Cox, and two of his friends, while they were on their way back from a vacation.

"It's the fact that he can't be here for Christmas and it was one of his most enjoyable occasions," Ferguson explained.

She is hoping the vigil will ease her pain and that of others just like her, including Jennifer Robertson, who lost her son, Trey. He was also killed in a car crash.

"You learn to adjust," Robertson said. "You just come out here and do little symbol things like this and hope that maybe they can reach down from heaven and get it and let them know that we are all here with them."

Relatives of those who have gone from this world know Christmas will never be the same without their love ones, but they also know there is a light that shines brightly above them.

The Ferguson family is planning on holding the vigil for lost love ones for years to come.

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