Many people still have to show up for work, even on Christmas

Many people still have to show up for work, even on Christmas

GROSSE TETE, LA (WAFB) - While most people enjoyed Christmas with family and loved ones, there are many who used the day to get some extra work done.

For folks like policemen or firefighters, it was another day on the job. There were also other people working and a really big cat at a popular roadside attraction. It's not the first place you think of spending Christmas.

Workers at Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete said business was higher than they expected this Christmas, which included lots of truckers.

"This is about my 38th one down here," said trucker Tom O'Doan.

Clerk Pamela Blanchard has worked at the truck stop for 13 years and doesn't mind working Christmas so her co-workers can spend time with their small children.

"It ain't so bad because all of mine are all grown," Blanchard said. "And, the other ones who work here have small children."

O'Doan was passing through town on his way to Texas, but stopped for a short visit. Who needs reindeer, when you've got a 500-pound Bengal tiger?

"I come down here to see my tiger over there. I like that tiger and they do a good job of taking care of him," O'Doan added.

Tony is the big attraction at Tiger Truck Stop, but during Tom's pit stop he was asleep.

However, he didn't nap the whole day.

"He's angry," one woman said.

Why do you think he's so angry?

"I don't know. We're new people and we didn't bring any presents," she replied.

O'Doan and Blanchard are both accustomed to working on Christmas.

"I can better tell you the Christmases I had off. Maybe about two," Blanchard said.

"It's fun for me. You have to like to drive them to work on Christmas," O'Doan added.

From Texas, he will be off to California. Blanchard has different plans.

"Hunt," she said.

You're going to go hunting on Christmas?

"Yes, that's the only downfall. My boyfriend went on a stand this morning and he killed a deer," she said.

Just like everyone else working this holiday season, Tony is staying busy, too. He let out a few roars at people watching him.

Maybe he needs a trip to grandma's for Christmas dinner.

Tony celebrated his 15th Christmas at the Tiger Truck Stop on Thursday.

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