Hand It On: Ms. Alice

Hand It On: Ms. Alice

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The spirit of Christmas centers on giving and one woman has that down pat.

Ms. Alice is a maid by trade in the morning, a cook in the daytime and an angel and an answer to many a prayer at night. She's also a mom, grandmother and recently great grandmother.

As a cook, she feeds the homeless every day.

"Why?" she asked. "Don't know. Just some people are less fortunate than myself and I know they deserve a nice home-cooked meal. I do this every day."

Every day?

"I do it every day, seven days a week, sometimes several times a day," she answered.

On one of those really cold days sometimes experienced in south Louisiana, her red bean blessing warmed up plenty of folks.

She has been known to set her table up anywhere. Sometimes it is along Florida Boulevard. At other times, it is in the woods. She will even make her way under the bridge. She knows how to find the homeless because she's slept under a few of the bridges herself, before being blessed with a home.

"I was married. Didn't work out between my marriage. I grabbed the kids and we left. And, when we got to shelters, they said, 'There's no room for you here.' So, I had to wind up finding a place to stay and I lived under the bridge. And, people would pass by and throw things at us and tease you and so... I stayed there until I was able to sell candy and barrettes until I was able to make enough money to pay rent," she explained.

A woman who first read about Ms. Alice nominated her for our Hand It On project. She had no idea about the surprise that waited for her.

"How are you doing?" the woman asked.

"Good," Ms. Alice answered.

"Yeah, well there's another reason they've been filming you. I have gotten to know you pretty well over the last three years and I've just been amazed and inspired by all of the work that you do for the homeless in our community. And, I just wanted to tell you thank you! So, I nominated you for Hand It On and so I have $300 for you," the woman said.

"Ohhhhhh! Thank you! And, my baby's having surgery next week for her eye and the next week for her mouth. This will come in handy," Ms. Alice said.

"I'm so glad!" the woman said.

"Thank you. It's such a blessing," Ms. Alice added.

It showed the true spirit of Hand It On.

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