Crowds rush to specialty stores for last-minute Christmas gifts

Crowds rush to specialty stores for last-minute Christmas gifts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you haven't finished buying presents for Christmas, you are not alone so get set to wait in line, but stores are ready for you.

The last-minute Christmas shopping rush is on.

"We've been building gift baskets, literally, since Halloween," said Anne Milneck with Red Stick Spice Company.

With just two days until Christmas, businesses around Baton Rouge are swamped. An example of that was the standing room only crowd in Red Stick Spice Company.

"The mornings we have a big burst of customers. We have a little bit of a lull in the afternoon and then after work, we're just 90-to-nothing,"Milneck added.

The store brings flavor to the season.

"Christmas is crazy," said Samantha McPhate with Southern Embellishments. "Everybody wants a monogram."

The sewing machines there struggled to keep up with demands.

"We're here 12 hours a day during Christmas," McPhate added.

She and her mom stopped taking Christmas orders more than two weeks ago. And now, they've run out of room for finished orders.

"The most fun is, honestly, when you know you've done a good job and you're waiting for your customer and you see their face light up,"McPhate explained.

Business owners couldn't be happier with the season.

"It's almost like Thanksgiving didn't happen. We went straight to Christmas. After this rush is over, we sort of stand and don't know what to do with ourselves," Milneck stated.

They probably start getting ready for Valentine's Day.

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