Baton Rouge church wants to "Break the bank" with food drive

Baton Rouge church wants to "Break the bank" with food drive

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Rev. Brady Whitton leads service every week at the First United Methodist Church on North Blvd. But this Sunday is truly one of a kind.

"This is what I need you to do, we have a truck from the food bank. I need you to grab a bag and go down the hallway and put it on that truck," said Rev. Whitton, Sr. Pastor at the First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge.

The church is attempting to break a food bank record. It all started last Sunday when Rev. Whitton made a special request to church members. He asked them to take home donated bags from the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and bring them back this weekend filled with food.

"Our idea was we're going to have a ton of people this time of year around the church, Christmas time of year. Why not send them home with a bag and bring it back this week full of food. This food will provide hope for many families across the greater Baton Rouge area," said Alex Byo, Director of Mission at the First United Church of Baton Rouge.

Along with supplying nearly a thousand bags, the food bank brought a truck to church Sunday. After the service, church members loaded it up.

"It's just a way to give back. It's just a beautiful thing. It's a lot of food, feed a lot of people," said Chris Schilling just before he made his donation.

The food bank will take donations to 130 agencies across eleven parishes, feeding hundreds of local families in need.

"It's just another example of how supportive the Baton Rouge community is especially during the holiday season. We've been overwhelmed with support and we really appreciate it," said Emily Zering of the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Zering says the food bank will weigh all of Sunday's donations to determine if the church broke a record.

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