Christmas tree farmers see increases in sales

Christmas tree farmers see increases in sales

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Christmas is just days away and people are still rushing to get those last minute gifts, but others are scrambling to get a Christmas tree.

Some reports show that the demand for Christmas trees have been down for the past couple of years, forcing some tree farmers out of business. But, at Toy Soldier Trees off of Perkins Road, owner Ben Collier said business couldn't be better. After 45 years in business, Collier said he has seen an increase in sales.

"I see a lot more people out and they are not afraid of spending money on something that's good for the family," said Collier

Several people were picking out trees at Collier's lot. Workers were making sure each tree was cut and trimmed to perfection.

Collier said the reason why his family business has done so well is because of tradition.

"We have the same customers to come for the last 10 years," said Collier. "We see a lot of the same faces. They know us and we know them. They come here for an experience," he added.

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