State Gaming Control Board discusses smoking ban at casinos

State Gaming Control Board discusses smoking ban at casinos

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The State Gaming Control Board met Thursday morning to discuss a smoking ban at casinos and if the ban would drive gamblers away.

The talks stem from a study that showed gaming facilities in Colorado and Delaware saw a drop in revenue after a smoking ban.

The committee took a look at local bars, too, stating they saw a light drop in sales after cigarette smoking was forbidden indoors.

The board warns casinos could take a hit if a similar ban is passed for the gaming industry.

"Gaming has a huge footprint in New Orleans, including a slots at the racetrack facility, video poker devices, and the land-base casino. I think we have the responsibility simply to put in the public record what might happen if this ban is imposed on any or all of those gaming facilities, in terms of patrons or loss of patrons, and revenue and loss of revenue and fees to the state," said Chair of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board Ronnie Jones.

A committee will consider a ban after the first of the year. If it clears that hurdle, it will go before the city-parish council for a vote.

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