Hand It On: Front Yard Bikes

Hand It On: Front Yard Bikes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man who transformed his yard into something special hopes to transform some young lives in the process.

For a neighborhood not known for producing a lot of good, there sure has been a lot of good being produced there lately.

One-by-one, they come from all over to be a part of what's come to be known as the Front Yard Bike Club and now, the Front Yard Bike Shop.

This all started in Dustin's and his wife's front yard and it's all very simple. The kids learn and earn their way to a bike.

They pick up skills, but much more than how to fix a bike. They are really learning life skills.

A woman whose two kids frequent the shop nominated Dustin and his wife, Kim, for the Hand It On project.

And by the way, the Front Yard Bike Shop is open during the week. It is located on West Roosevelt Street just off Nicholson Drive.

People are encouraged to drop by and see them and maybe pick up a bike while there.

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