Deputies act as holiday helpers for theft victim

Pair of deputies act as holiday helpers for theft victim

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - Detectives assigned to investigate break-ins and robberies for the holidays are doing a little something more than answering their call to duty, as a couple of deputies decided to make a bad situation much better.

Richard McGarner said he used to store his weed-eater outside in his shed until it was stolen.

"This sure was locked down here," McGarner said while pointing at the door. "All this stuff here wide open."

He said he wanted answers about the theft of his property.

"I couldn't find out who done it or nothing like that, so I called the sheriff's department," McGarner added.

Deputies Travis Hebert and Clayton Curry of the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office took the call and wrote up the theft. However, that wasn't the end of this case. Hebert had a plan of his own.

"My grandma is probably close to his age and she lives on a fixed income," Hebert said. "If something like that was taken from her, she couldn't afford to replace it. If it wouldn't be for my family helping her out from time to time, just seems like the right thing to do, help somebody out."

Hebert and Curry went and found a weed-eater on sale for $99. The two put their money together to give back to a man who retired from Turner and is now on a fixed income with a wife, a retired nurse, who is handicapped and awaiting hip replacement surgery.

"It's a good thing to be able to give back to the community sometimes, especially people who appreciate us and show that we aren't all the same," Curry said. "You don't have to paint us all with the same brush. We are here to help people."

"I sure thank you. I really appreciate that, everything you've done for me. Helped me out," McGarner said.

He said he did not have money for a new weed-eater.

"Make you feel like Christmas coming. People looking out for people. That's the way it should be. People look out for people, try to help people who can hardly help themselves," McGarner explained.

It is why these deputies, who protect and serve, took the extra step.

"I'm glad I could help him out," Hebert said.

"It felt good to be able to see Mr. Richard happy and how blessed he felt to be able to get something like that," Curry added.

The stolen weed-eater has not been found yet. McGarner said it was worth at least $200.

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