Speed limit changes to 55 on Central Thruway

Speed limit changes to 55 on Central Thruway

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - At one point on Monday, there were two posted speed limits on the Central Thruway. Parish workers exchanged the 50 mile an hour signs for a new speed limit, which is five miles faster.

When the road was originally designed, engineers intended to make the speed limit 45.

"We test drove it at 45 and it felt like you were in a school zone," said David Barrow, with the city.

Barrow says the day before the thruway opened, city-parish traffic engineers raised the speed limit to 50. That's what it has been for a year and a half, until Monday when it was raised again.

Both workers with the City of Central and the city-parish have received calls since the Central Thruway was opened, from people asking if something was going to be done about raising the speed. Last month, engineers did a study looking at how much traffic passes that way, they counted close to 8,000 cars in each direction.

They also monitored how fast drivers were going.

During the week of the road survey, more than half the drivers were clocked going up to 55 miles per hour. The study found that only six percent of drivers went above 61 miles an hour.

Barrow says there's no chance the limit will go any higher.

"There's actually a state law that comes in to play that says if you're within an incorporated municipality the max speed on any road is 55 miles an hour."

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