Hosea Anderson set to take over as next Maringouin police chief

Hosea Anderson set to take over as next Maringouin police chief

MARINGOUIN, LA (WAFB) - A new police chief will take over the Maringouin Police Department in January.

It was a contentious police chief race on November 4, but in the end, Hosea Anderson Sr., 43, won by 19 votes to beat current Police Chief John Simien.

Anderson will have gone full circle after officially taking over as police chief because he started his law enforcement career as a patrol officer with the Maringouin PD in 1991. He then moved to the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office and spent the next 20 years there.

Currently, Anderson is a criminal investigations detective with IPSO. He said he will keep that job even after taking over as Maringouin chief because the position is only part-time.

"With the Maringouin Police Department being a small agency, me working with the sheriff's office, we kind of collaborate and work together, so it's actually beneficial," said Anderson.

He will supervise three police officers.

"I want to get the men and the women, if so, with the Maringouin Police Department trained because you can have all the equipment, but if you're not trained to use it, then it does no one no good," Anderson added.

Anderson said Maringouin does not have much of a crime problem. Drugs are their main issue, especially cocaine.

"I plan to work together with the sheriff's office and the task force and deter it and help to stop it," Anderson explained.

Anderson ran in 2010 against Simien and lost by only four votes. Now that he's won, Anderson said he wants the more than 1,000 people in Maringouin to know he will be available around-the-clock and to simply trust the police department.

"You got to realize you still got a lot of good men and women out there that put this badge on every day and go out there and protect the citizens of this state," Anderson said.

Anderson will take office on December 20 and will officially be sworn in on Jan. 17, 2015.

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