BBB issues alert about repairman

BBB issues alert about repairman

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Better Business Bureau of Baton Rouge has issued a warning regarding a repairman they believe is targeting the elderly.

The BBB reported the man operates under several different company names.

It is not uncommon for the BBB to send warnings to consumers. But, the chief executive officer of the Baton Rouge branch, Jim Stalls, said the complaints they have received about a repairman in the area have forced them to issue an alert to the public.

"The majority of these people were older and were duped," Stalls said.

They have taken to the BBB website to post their complaints about the repairman.

One reads, "Cashed our check for $430 without fixing our refrigerator."

Another reads, "I want my refund of $948.75 for fixing my ice machine when he did not."

One woman called the company a "fraud" and wrote even though her issues were resolved "I still would not recommend him to my worst enemy."

According to the BBB, the appliance repair service is using the name Appliance Pro and Appliance Doctor.

Stalls said because the repairman has not responded to the BBB, it has given the companies an "F" rating on its website. He added the BBB cannot find an occupational license for the company - anywhere.

"Unfortunately, this particular industry is not regulated by any department in the state, but they are required to have an occupational license, which this company does not," Stalls explained.

A quick look in the phone book showed both company names listed with the same telephone number. There is even a display ad for Appliance Doctor. Stalls said it puts them in a prime location for business prospects.

"That puts him pretty close to the front of the alphabet when you go to look for an appliance repair company," Stalls said.

9News called the number listed in the phone book for Appliance Pro. The person who answered identified himself as Jason and said the whole thing was a mix-up. He also said he did not know he needed an occupational license to do business in Louisiana.

Stall said that is why it is always important to check with the BBB before doing business with anyone.

"In this case, some of the complainants have also filed complaints with the state attorney general's office," Stalls said.

The repairman said he is working with the customers who filed complaints and that he should have the issues resolved in six weeks.

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