Dying girl wants Christmas cards for last Christmas

Dying girl wants Christmas cards for last Christmas

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - This Christmas, 40-year-old Connie Davidson of Denham Springs has one wish- making one come true for a dying girl across the country.

"I saw this caption on Facebook and it really touched my heart," said Davidson.

6-year-old Addie Fausett has an undiagnosed illness.  She's hardly grown since she was 3 and weighs only about 25 lbs.

Now, doctors say she won't live to see Christmas next year.

So on her final wish list, little Addie is asking for one thing.

"Her last wish for her last Christmas is to receive holiday cards.  I just felt really led by God to try to get her as many holiday cards as possible," said Davidson.

So Davidson bought the biggest card she could find and brought it to work.

"Connie has such as big heart and she always likes to help others and I wanted to be apart of it too and I wanted to get our staff involved," said Heather Termini, co-worker at Vance Misuraca Orthodontics.

"If this little girl has that opportunity to make that one final wish and we can all contribute to her happiness this Christmas then we absolutely wanted to do that," said Jennifer Applewhite, co-worker at Vance Misuraca Orthodontics.

Passing it around the office, the girls collected nearly 100 signatures, but Davidson wasn't done there.

Thursday she hit the streets.

First stop, Walmart.  She added a dozen more signatures.

"This is where you sit down and you think about how wonderful life can be and how people can help make it that way," said Pamela Hartman after signing the card.

Next stop, the post office, adding one more card to 1,200 being sent to Addie everyday.


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