Southern Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

Southern Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

5 lbs. of Shrimp

6 Gumbo Crabs

1 lb. of Pre-cooked Okra

2 lb. of Sliced Smoke Sausage

1 lb. of Shredded Cooked Chicken

2 Can of Rotel Tomatoes

1 Cup Of Onions

2 oz. of Gumbo File

2 Cup Of Flour

2 oz. of Kitchen Bouquet for color & presentation

3 tbs. of Salt

3 tbs. of Tony's Chachere

1 pk of Shrimp Powder

3 Gallons of Water

In a large stock pot fill 3 gallons of water with the following: broken gumbo crabs, sliced smoke sausage, shredded cooked chicken, shrimp powder, gumbo file', onions, rotel tomatoes, tony's chachere & salt.

Allow to come to a rolling boil for 20 mins. Add pre cooked okra, kitchen bouquet + shrimp and boil for an additional 10 mins.

Take 1 cup of flour and 3 cups of cold tap water in a separate container and stir into a paste.

Pour into hot simmering gumbo while simultaneously stirring to keep the blonde roux from lumping up in the gumbo. Allowing to simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Served over hot steamed rice & crackers.