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Mayor Holden introduces new $350 million tax at Metro Council meeting

Mayor Kip Holden Mayor Kip Holden

Mayor Kip Holden introduced a new tax at the Metro Council meeting in Downtown Baton Rouge Wednesday night.

The $350 million Holden is asking for would go to build a new parish prison, juvenile jail and mental health facility. A new District Attorney's office would also be part of the plan.

Voters voted the proposal down before, but now Councilwoman Tara Wicker said it has a chance.

"It's different that it was before," said Wicker. "At that time it was much larger, much broader, and at this point it's more directed towards public safety."

"I feel like it's appropriate," said one tax payer. "I feel anything that can improve things especially public safety would probably benefit the area."

If the council approves it, the tax would go on the ballot sometime next year.

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