Our Turn: Bill Cassidy Win

Congratulations to Senator-elect Bill Cassidy. Cassidy won a landslide victory over three-term incumbent Mary Landrieu Saturday night.

A landslide victory is a significant accomplishment, but even more noteworthy is the win over an incumbent U.S. Senator. It's been 82 years since anyone defeated a sitting U.S. Senator here in Louisiana. We wish all the success to Senator-elect Cassidy in his new role.

To that end, it's worth noting that a troubling accusation against Cassidy surfaced at the end of the campaign. He has remained on the payroll of LSU throughout his career as a congressman, and irregularities were discovered in his time sheets, coupled with internal LSU emails that expressed concern over the arrangement. We urge Representative Cassidy to address this matter quickly, doing whatever is necessary to put it behind him so he begins his U.S. Senate term without this matter hanging over his head.

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