Our Turn: Unjust Investigation of Citizen

Baton Rouge citizens have every right to be concerned about their police department and Judicial District Court Judge Anthony Marabella in the wake of revelations regarding a search warrant that police sought and Marabella granted.

This all started last spring when a concerned citizen who wanted to remain anonymous sent Mayor Kip Holden a photo from the Internet of a Baton Rouge police officer supposedly sleeping on the job. The mayor forwarded the matter to the police department. The police department responded by first accusing the citizen of committing a crime and then going to Judge Marablella to get a search warrant to seize his phone records, emails and text messages.

This was a ridiculous response by Baton Rouge Police to go after this person. It's also dangerous that the check and balance of requiring a judge to sign a search warrant failed on this occasion. Police frequently ask the public for their help to solve important criminal cases. This is certainly not the way to secure that cooperation in the future.

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