Your Turn: LSU Vulgar Chant

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Carol Maracalin. She's one of hundreds people on Facebook who reacted to our commentary this week on the vulgar chant at the LSU-Alabama game.

Maracalin was particularly upset that the chant occurred while Davon Godchaux lay injured on the field. In her words: Would you "let it go" if it was your son lying flat on his back and once he arose no one in the stadium acknowledges him? Oh, I get it. He's good enough to make tackles, but that's your only concern. I think everyone in the country knows how crude those fans can be, but to disrespect your own? I grappled with this, then tried to dismiss what I saw thinking that maybe I was being too sensitive because I know this young man, however, it bothered me. I'm glad someone else noticed this blatant act of disrespect.

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