Our Turn: LSU Fans Vulgar Chant

A month ago, in the LSU-Florida football game, a Florida player was seriously injured. As he laid motionless on the turf, many of the LSU players kneeled in respect, and some of them could be seen praying. It was a classy show of good sportsmanship and it was noted as such at the time.

Fast forward to this past weekend. An LSU player, freshman Davon Godchaux, was on his back injured, being tended to by trainers, but he didn't get any respect at all from his own fans and fellow students in Tiger Stadium. In fact, it was at that moment that the student section began chanting a vulgar expletive directed at Alabama head coach Nick Saban. The chant was of course heard by a national television audience, and will be noted widely as an act of poor sportsmanship.

University officials have apologized, but of course, this reflects poorly on the school. The crudeness of the chant is embarrassing, but so is the lack of cleverness. You'd think that college students would be smarter than that.

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