Our Turn: Alternative School in Rapides Parish

The 9 News Investigators this week introduced us to an alternative school in Rapides Parish, Louisiana that could become a model for how school systems deal with students who have discipline problems.

The Rapides Parish school offers a no-excuses, strict discipline environment for students who have kicked out of their regular schools. These are students who had behavior problems, were caught with drugs or were disruptive in class. At the alternative school, respect for teachers and fellow students is demanded and there are few options for socializing. Students make their way to back their regular schools by earning points for good behavior.

It may be too early to say how well the Rapides Parish school will work, but some parents and educators are favoring this approach. Many of them believe that when you move chronically disruptive students to an alternative school, discipline problems at the first school decrease dramatically. Many parents will be saying, it's about time.

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