Manhunt suspect captured in Texas

Manhunt suspect captured in Texas

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Walker Police and the LPSO have been notified that Dennis Shampine, 33, has been arrested Saturday morning by police in Beaumont, Texas.

Shampine was the subject of a two and a half month long manhunt. Shampine was convicted for attempted rape and aggravated burglary. He was also wanted on charges of battery, two counts of robbery and failure to register as a sex offender. According to Walker Police Captain John Sharp, the Beaumont PD told him that Shampine had been “living and working in Beaumont since mid-October.” and that Shampine had hitchhiked from Baton Rouge.

According to reports, two Beaumont Police Officers went to the motel where Shampine was staying, and as they approached his room, the suspect ran out the door to a nearby wooded area. Shampine reportedly ran across a busy four-lane highway with no regard to traffic, continuing to make his escape until he was cornered near a school. The chase ended when officers had to use a Taser to subdue the suspect. According to Beaumont PD, The pursuit spanned approximately a half mile.

The Beaumont Police Department charged Shampine with strong-armed robbery, flight to elude arrest and resisting arrest.

With Shampine in custody, Sharp says that additional work needs to be done. “We have believed from the beginning that Mr. Shampine was receiving assistance from friends and acquaintances who knew of his whereabouts,” Sharp said, “This matter could have been concluded much sooner had it not been for the illegal activities of persons who helped Shampine avoid arrest here, flee to Beaumont, and remain in Beaumont for over two months.”

According to the Walker PD, Shampine will remain in Beaumont Police custody as they press charges against him.  Sharp says that as soon as the Beaumont Police Department have finished their case against the suspect, Walker Police and the LPSO will look to extradite him to Livingston Parish.

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