Baton Rouge doctors say they people who have gotten the flu shot are still getting the flu

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There is concerning news from the Centers for Disease Control this week because, as it turns out, the flu vaccine being given this year is not as effective as in years past.

The CDC reports the flu virus has mutated since the vaccine was formulated. Scientists think it works for about half of current "Type A" strains.

Flu activity is already widespread in Louisiana and doctors in Baton Rouge say they're seeing evidence that the vaccine is not working as well this year.

"A lot of these people have already had a flu vaccine, unfortunately," said Dr. Kevin DiBenedetto with Lake After Hours. "And, they're still coming in with the flu and several of our employees have actually contracted influenza, despite having the vaccine."

DiBenedetto said it's still very important to get the flu shot. While it's only partly effective against "Type A" flu, it's very effective this year against "Type B," which usually comes later in the season.

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