EBRSO initiates use of watch tower in high traffic shopping areas

EBRSO initiates use of watch tower in high traffic shopping areas

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office said it has increased patrols and will use its watch tower this holiday season to help keep shoppers as safe as possible.

EBRSO reported the watch tower was set up Thursday night at the Target on Millerville Road.

Deputies will focus their efforts on high traffic areas where they say they know shoppers will be targeted.

"We know that this increased presence works and basically, what we have is during the holiday season, there's an increased opportunity for crimes," said Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for EBRSO. "Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity, so we want to try to eliminate those opportunities."

The sheriff's office is also asking that residents play a role in protecting themselves against crime, particularly theft. Below is a list of things that residents can do to protect themselves:


While Shopping

When parking a vehicle, attempt to park in a well lit area.

Walking to your car

Keys in hand

Once at Car

Valuable items should be kept out of view from public access as items easily observed invite crimes of opportunity.


Any residence with an alarm should have the alarm activated when unoccupied. The residence should also have posted signs or window decals indicating that it is protected by an alarm system.

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