Man picks up rock and finds something 'from above'

Man picks up rock and finds something 'from above'

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - When your office is as vast as all outdoors, it is easy to feel insignificant, but on a recent trip through his office in the forest, a Louisiana man found something that let him know he is not alone.

When Randy Marks went to work Wednesday morning, he never dreamed he would have a close encounter with what he calls "someone from above saying, 'Hello.'" The 31-year-old surveyor said the day started out just as it always does, with him checking out his remote GPS gear.

"My favorite part about surveying is just being out in the woods," Marks said. "Just being exposed to a lot of different things . . . from flowers to weird trees. You get to see a lot of different things that, normally, people don't get to see."

Marks was strolling the banks of the Amite River in the woods near Clinton, something he does to pass the time and think about life, and the infinite world beyond these woods.

"I just happened to see that one. It was kind of sticking out," he explained.

What he saw was a fossil. Marks has found hundreds in his career, but this one was different.

"As I picked it up and I saw it, to me, it looked like an angel. Actually, a bald-headed angel. It gave me a funny feeling. Actually, I got the goose bumps," he added.

Molded into a rock left here by the receding waters of the Amite is a small hollow spot. A face seems to smile back from a rough spot in the bowl. Ridges trailing from the face seem to outline a flowing gown and shot wings seem to encircle the face.

Marks admitted some people may look at his rock and see it for what it is, a strange fossil from a riverbed, and in his mind, he knows that is what it is. But in his heart, Marks likes to think it is something more.

"I think it's just something as simple as God letting us know he's out there. He's with us all the time. That's what I think," Marks stated.

It's an encounter Marks will take with him when life's roads turn rocky.

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