The Investigators: Recent crimes at The Palisades leave students and parents uneasy

The Investigators: Recent crimes at The Palisades leave students and parents uneasy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students who live at an apartment complex near Southern University are frightened after being urged to use extra caution due to multiple reports of burglaries and robberies.

Tenants of The Palisades received an email this week, which stated for them to make certain they lock their doors and watch their backs. Parents who help pay the rent said apartment managers are not doing enough to keep their children safe.

Lesley McKinley said when it was time to pick an apartment for his daughter, the choice was easy. He said The Palisades at Jaguar City was close to the Southern University campus, convenient and was highly recommended.

"From the information I gathered from prior residents and students from her high school who were living there then, we felt it was safe,"McKinley said.

However, his level of comfort changed this week when McKinley said his daughter got an email addressed to all residents of The Palisades. It warned them of several apartment burglaries and robberies and urged them to lock their doors, check their windows and walk in pairs at night. It also encouraged tenants to contact their insurance agent to cover them and their personal property.

McKinley found the letter disturbing and useless.

"Knowing your neighbors will not stop crime nor will locking your doors stop crime. The presence of security will decrease crime going on in your neighborhood," McKinley explained.

There are signs posted to warn visitors that there are surveillance cameras on the property. There is also a security fence around the premises. However, there are human-sized holes in some areas and McKinley said the gates are always open.

"That was one of the selling points of us feeling comfortable there, the gates," McKinley added.

McKinley said he and other concerned parents have reached out to the property manager, Charles Moore II. However, they said they kept getting the run around.

"I've called twice and each time I called, someone was with a student and wanted to call me back and I said, 'No this is urgent,'" McKinley said.

The 9News Investigators went to The Palisades looking for answers. They were greeted by the Jean Reed, the account manager for the complex.

"I'm sorry," Reed said. "He (Charles Moore, II) is out of the office at the moment."

However, when Reed was peppered with questions, Moore suddenly appeared.

"I'm Mr. Moore," Moore said. "I have your name and number. We are going to get with our corporate office and have someone contact you."

A representative with Ambling Management, which owns The Palisades, refused to answer questions regarding security on the property.

The Baton Rouge Police Department confirmed it is investigating at least three recent robberies at complex.

McKinley said he is looking for another apartment complex for his daughter.

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