Hand It On: Tari's Teachers

Hand It On: Tari's Teachers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Hand It On team recently hit the dance studio to find two teachers who are trying to "move the world."

Dancers are really some of the toughest people you'll ever meet. It's hard work to make such complicated moves look so graceful.

Tokyo is one of the teachers at Tari's School of Dance. His partner, Alisha also teaches at the school. They are behind the "Move the World" dance charity event. One will be held in Baton Rouge and another will take place in Houston. They use what they know to teach the younger ones about using their talents to give back.

"I think they just have a heart to helping people," said Tari Trosclair. "They love working with kids and they are both great dancers and great dance teachers. They've taken their talent and they are using it for good."

The two bring dancers together for move the world through special performances that raise money to help people battling medical difficulties, whether it be a little girl with cancer or a dancer who lost his leg.

And while the events help the people, there's also another benefit. The younger ones learn what it's like to give.

"We are excited for Move the World, we look forward to having everybody there," Tokyo said. "And, we hope that you choose to Move the World."

Trosclair nominated the two teachers for the Hand It On project. They thought the crew showed up to do a story on the school, but really it was really to honor them.

"They have a great program. It's called Hand It On and they give you $300 and we're giving you this because you guys do so much with your program Move the World. Y'all are such great role models for these kids and I love you both so much," Trosclair said.

Two people really can move the world.

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