EBR voters to decide on structure of Department of Public Works

EBR voters to decide on structure of Department of Public Works

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge voters in Saturday's election will be voting on more than just Louisiana's next Senator, but a change in the plan of government relating to the structure of the Department of Public Works.

"All we're doing is updating it [plan of government] to meet today's needs" said William Daniel, Chief Administrative Officer.  "If you had a business model that went unchanged for almost 70 years you'd be wondering how it was staying in existence" Daniel added.  "Well it's staying in existence because it's government, not because we're efficient and adapting to the changing conditions".

That move towards efficiency means if passed, the plan of government will change to allow six directors to oversee six separate departments; more than the current single department.  The departments would include; maintenance, environmental services, traffic management, fleet management, development and building assets management.

"Each of those departments will have their own budgets and their own directors responsible for implementing the budgets and for getting the work done, we think that makes for a more transparent and efficient Department of Public Works" Daniel said.

Daniel predicts the changes will also be cost effective, saying no additional funds will need to be used.

"It's either going to manifest itself in that we're going to be much more efficient in the work that we're doing, or we're going to save money and not need as much money to do the operations that we're doing" said Daniel.

Voters will see a simple yes or no vote that could impact the way local government is structured for years to come.

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