Landrieu, Cassidy go head-to-head in The Final Debate

VIDEO - LA Senate 2014: The Final Debate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The two US Senate candidates faced off Monday night in the only debate for the runoff election.

In the past two debates between Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy, the focus has ranged from Obamacare to Social Security, but Monday night's debate got a little more personal.

Specifically the money habits of both candidates.

Landrieu was asked about a topic that has come up again and again - her use of taxpayer money for traveling while in office.

The Senator took the question as a chance to clear the air and to take her first shots at her challenger.

"I've turned over all the records," said Landrieu. "It was a bookkeeping error. I've taken full responsibility for it and it has been completely repaid. The very big difference is that Congressman Cassidy has padded his own pay role for the last six years, entering into an agreement with one of our hospitals. There's absolutely no record of the work that he's done. That is a very serious matter."

Landrieu claims that Cassidy was padding his salary while in office by accepting money from LSU for work she claims he didn't do. But Cassidy had a quick response, and turned the attention back to Landrieu.

"These charges are absolutely false," said Cassidy. "And my direct supervisor and I have made multiple comments regarding this and I'll note that the Landrieu camp takes these comments whenever they can and twists them around. I'm proud of the work that I've done with LSU. Doing a liveropsy in the morning and flying to DC and voting that evening."

The highlight of the night was a moment when the candidates were able to ask questions of each other. Cassidy was up first:

Cassidy: "First, when did you know that Mr. Gruber and Obama had written this as to deceive the American people and now that you do know it, would you still vote for Obamacare tomorrow?"

Landrieu: "Let me just say again, this law is not perfect, it needs to be fixed, it needs to be improved but it is better than the system that we had."

Landrieu: "Did you fill out records that you were supposed to fill out for the $20,000 that you received annually for five years, which is over $150,000 a year. Did you fill out those records?"

Cassidy: "Yeah, I filled out there records. Whenever you go to clinic you fill out charts and you assign sheets and everybody knows where you are. That said, I've made multiple statements regarding this as has my direct supervisor and whatever I've said has been twisted and misconstrued."

Of course there were many more interesting moments in Monday night's debate, and many were captured on Twitter. Search #TheFinalDebate to see the conversation.


The runoff election is Saturday. You have until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 to sign up to receive a mail-in ballot. For more information, visit

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