Holiday Helpers volunteers preparing for annual Thanksgiving Day feast

Holiday Helpers volunteers preparing for annual Thanksgiving Day feast

From the desk of Matt Williams: Coming up this morning

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yep, we're here.  We'll give you a look at all things holiday today.  From the dinners and those who are working to make sure people have a little something on their plate to the shopping many people are hoping to get to a little later today.  Early Black Friday insanity.  Speaking of insanity, have you heard of the Misery Map?  You may be a part of it if you have travel plans in your future.  We'll tell you all about it as you wake up and pull those covers a little tighter around you this morning.  Stay in bed, enjoy that time off, and we'll get your holiday started.  We'll see you for 9NTM beginning at 5 a.m.

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High 60,  Low 40 Sunny skies...nice Thanksgiving

Evening: Clear and chilly

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Holiday Helpers volunteers begin setting up for annual Thanksgiving feast



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