Shoppers hit stores to pick up last-minute items for Thanksgiving

Last minute shopping for Thanksgiving

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It may have looked like Black Friday crowds at grocery stores Wednesday, as cooking traditions for Thanksgiving demand certain things, depending on your family.

Many people were out and about the day before Thanksgiving trying to pick up a turkey or a can of cranberry sauce, but some people were shopping at a dizzying speed.

Inside Calandro's Supermarket, Blaise Calandro knows business gets really beezy this time of year.

"We have big days before Christmas and we have big days before Easter, but nothing like Thanksgiving," Calandro said.

People were seen scrambling to find everything on their list for the big day Thursday. Shopper Catherine Patureau had a list that seemed like it went on forever.

"We got sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, apple pie, peach pie and turkey is a slice turkey and three pints of gravy," Patureau explained.

Some would think this is last-minute shopping, but Patureau said not so much.

"We've ordered this a long time ago. Ohhhhhh, we always order a loooooonnnnggg time ago and we come pick it up way ahead of time because all of us is going to get together tomorrow and we don't want to be doing this tomorrow," she added.

It's safe to say the people standing in the long line at the Honey Baked Ham on Florida didn't want to be doing that on Thursday either. However, they're willing to wait for a great tasting holiday ham because it's a must have for any Thanksgiving, at least that's what one shopper said.

"Every year, I come get the," said Peidera Matthews. "It melts in your mouth."

Some say it doesn't matter whether you get a ham or a turkey, just as long as you have family to share it with.

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