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EBR Metro Council approves nearly $500k settlement in wrongful death lawsuit

Carlos Harris Carlos Harris

The East Baton Rouge Metro Council approved a nearly $500,000 settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday during their meeting.

In 2011, a police officer shot and killed Carlos Harris, 23, in the parking lot of a nightclub near Cortana Mall.

Officer Christopher Magee was put on paid leave after shooting Harris.

Police say Harris was driving his friend's car after the friend was arrested. Police reports say Harris drove recklessly toward Officer Magee after crashing into several parked cars.

Authorities said Magee feared for his life when he fired off several shots hitting Harris in the chest and ultimately killing him.

A young woman in another vehicle was also shot in the arm, but it was not certain who fired the shot that hit her.

Even though a grand jury did not find enough evidence for a criminal charge, a grueling civil matter has finally reached this point.

The officer was never charged.

The family's attorney says it's been a long and difficult process to get to this point.

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