SU, LSU students react to fury in Ferguson

People gather at LSU to remember Michael Brown
Students gather at LSU for a vigil in support of Mike Brown. (Source: Ben Gauthier/WAFB)
Students gather at LSU for a vigil in support of Mike Brown. (Source: Ben Gauthier/WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Although thousands of people across America protested Tuesday, there were no organized large protests in Baton Rouge. However, there was a sense of uneasiness for some students at Southern University and LSU.

Some students believe they are unsafe and fear for their lives, others think the events in Ferguson, MO is an ongoing battle of racism in America.

"Sometimes it strikes a little fear I guess," said Lawrence Williams, a student at Southern University. "The political system feels as if they want to eliminate us one by one. Honestly, it's getting to a point where you can't do anything but be a statistic."

Tabor Benton, a student at LSU, recently turned in a paper for class about police brutality.

"If he was with his hands up or he was assaulting the officer, I still feel like it was still excessive to shoot him six times," Benton said.

Either way, the students believe people need to start looking at what's inside themselves in order to move forward.

"All we can really do is come together as a community and not for violence, but basically, try to do something better," Williams explained.

"We college students have the idea that the police are kind of a bad influence, like they are trying to stop all the fun, but they are also there to protect us, so I believe that view has to change as well," Benton added.

Tuesday evening, a vigil in memory of Mike Brown was held at the LSU Amphitheater. Students gathered in support of the slain teen. They shared their own stories of fear and frustration.

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