Murder for hire trial will go to jury Thursday after lengthy closing arguments

Corey Kitts (Source: family members)
Corey Kitts (Source: family members)
Karl Howard (Source: WAFB)
Karl Howard (Source: WAFB)

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Closing arguments got underway Wednesday in the alleged murder-for-hire trial in West Baton Rouge Parish. This trial is in week four with many witnesses and there's plenty of drama.

Family members of Corey Kitts left the courtroom in tears after the jury was shown a picture of Corey Kitts after the murder. His mother cried out "they did you bad Corey, they did you bad, man."

Prosecutor Tony Clayton rehashed the state's case for just shy of an hour. He said in 2011, Monique Kitts had a contract with Karl Howard to kill her husband. On why there is no record of when she paid him, Johnson introduced her to Howard.

Clayton says it was Howard who later brought his cousin, Corey Knox, in as the getaway driver. Clayton reminded the jury a trooper heard Kitts say at the murder scene "what have I done?" He also reminded jurors out of 365 days, Kark Howard made three trips from his home in Georgia to Baton Rouge. He says once in April to case the house, once in June when he unsuccessfully tried to kill Corey Kitts, and lastly in July when Kitts was murdered.

Corey was found dead in his Addis home. He had been murdered in his sleep.

Clayton says this case is all over money and greed and that "Monique wanted money. That's what this case is about. If you find them not guilty, they'll get that $800,000 and she will give [Howard] $100,000.

Then following his four-hour closing arguments, Allen Myles, the attorney for Monique kitts, crying as he played the jury the 911 call of his client made from the murder scene. Myles told the jury, what they've heard from prosecutors is a recipe for reasonable doubt.

Court resumes at 9 a.m. Thursday.

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