Officials simultaneously raid 7 smoke shops for synthetic marijuana, 10 arrested

Officials simultaneously raid 7 smoke shops for synthetic marijuana, 10 arrested
(Source: EBRSO)
(Source: EBRSO)

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Local, state and federal agencies joined forces Tuesday, executing seven search warrants at smoke shops in Baton Rouge and Baker for synthetic marijuana. The officials have been monitoring the businesses for several months.

Baton Rouge Police Department, East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State Police, DEA, Baker Police Department and Delta Drug Task Force simultaneously executed the warrants seizing approximately 1785 grams synthetic marijuana, 900 packets of Blue Diamond Synthetic Marijuana, $35,365 worth of suspected synthetic marijuana, approximately 528 grams of suspected high grade Marijuana, Tramadol, Alprazolam, various knifes and swords, and more than $9,000 in cash.

Lt. Jonny Dunnam with the Baton Rouge Police Department said law enforcement is doing its best to cut down on the availability of synthetic marijuana, but it's a constant fight with smart adversaries.

"These smoke shops are constantly changing the chemical make-up of the product so we are trying to stay one step ahead of them, to keep the synthetic marijuana out of the city," said Dunnam.

High Times, 6230 Florida Blvd.

Approximately 215 grams synthetic marijuana, $727 cash

Arrested: Thanh Le, 2/2/86, PWITD Marijuana

Novelty Shop, 6224 Plank Road

Approximately 457.5 grams synthetic marijuana, $1,358

Arrested: Wafa Eschete, 7/27/88, PWTD Synthetic Marijuana

Paradise Smoke Shop, 9789 Florida Blvd.

Approximately 528 grams of suspected high grade marijuana, 481.5 grams of Suspected synthetic marijuana, 1,059 grams of unknown powder, 9 dose units of suspected Alprazolam and 20 dose units of suspected Tramadol, $6,964 cash

Arrested: Stephanie Marcelin, 9/8/74, PWITD Alprazolam, Possession of Marijuana 2nd Offense

Chad Shaffer, 1/26/66, PWITD Marijuana, Synthetic Marijuana, Tramadol, and Distribution of Synthetic Marijuana.

Blue Dragon, 16565 George O'Neal

Detectives seized approx. 631 grams of suspected Synthetic Marijuana, and $577

Arrested: Vu Dinh Hoang, 5/10/79, PWITD Marijuana, Tu Tran Nguyen, 7/2/81, PWITD Synthetic Marijuana

Mr. Happy Novelty Shop, 14424 Plank Rd., Baker

$35,365 worth of Synthetic Marijuana

Arrested: Dustin Scott Graham (w/m 11/13/91), Justin James Marcantel (A/M 8/18/88)

Maliboo Smoke Shop, 1962 O'Neal Lane, Suite K

Approx. 400 packets of Blue Diamond Seized

Arrested: Maudi Lee Leteff, 6/1/82

Charges: Possession of Schedule I (Marijuana), Distribution of Schedule I (Blue Diamond), Possession of Schedule IV (Alprazolam)

Good Times Smoke Shop, 2515 O'Neal Lane #9

Approximately 500 packets of Blue Diamond, Knives and Swords

Arrested: Dinh Ha Nguyen, 11/4/69

Charges: Distribution of Schedule I

Possession of Weapons with CDS

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