Fires common as temperature drops

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The musty smell of charred wood is still strong surrounding the small apartment building on Plank Road that caught fire Monday morning.

Fire fighters spent an hour and a half battling the blaze.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but the fire is just the latest in what has been a busy few weeks for the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

"Winter time is normally a busy time of year for firefighters across the country," said BRFD spokesperson Mark Miles.

Miles estimates that six to ten active fires have broken out each week for the past few weeks. He explains that's well above average.  The causes range from arson to unattended stoves.  Officials believe the fire on Plank Road was caused by an overloaded power cord.

Miles says that residents trying to stay warm as winter moves in also create some common fire hazards.  He says it's important to follow all instructions when using space heaters and to never pair a heater with an extension cord which can be easily overcharged.  Also, never use an oven for heat.  That can easily lead to flames or even carbon monoxide poisoning.  Mile's final tip is to be a good neighbor.

"Your neighbor may be in need of something that you can do to help them heat their home. It may not be the house right next to yours, but it may be a house right down the street," said Miles.

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