Take steps to prepare for the cold weather

Take steps to prepare for the cold weather

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Experts watching Monday night's freeze say depending on the length of it, you should be prepared. They say the longer it last, the more you need to do.

It's best to protect the Four Ps-  people, plants, pipes, and pets.

Outside exposed pipes are the ones to watch especially ones that have given you previous trouble. Some insurance experts say water damage is one of the most common claims made by homeowners on their policies.

Veterinarians say many people think their pets will be safe outside because some are bred for cold weather. They say this is not the case for them because although bred for cold weather, they may not be used to dealing with it.

"They can't stay out in the environment for an extended period of time, even though they have fur,” Dr. Nancy Welborn with the LSU Vet School. "They are not acclimated to that because we live in the South. We don't have cold weather so they are not used to it. So if at all possible the animal should be brought in overnight."

Plants are another P to consider in cold weather.

"You can lay your potted plants down on the ground and cover them with a sheet," Gordon Mese said. Mese owns the Garden District Nursery. "That way you're actually getting heat from the ground up and so you don't have to haul everything in for the winter."

The final P and perhaps most important: People.

Emergency officials encourage people to check on each other especially the elderly, some of whom are living without heat in their homes.

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