Pastor says slain football coach and brother shared special bond

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The pastor of Living Faith Christian Center in Baton Rouge says he and his members are devastated by the death of the West St. John High School football coach whom he called a fine young man.

Juan Joseph, 27, was shot after a brief argument Sunday with an unknown male suspect. He later died. Joseph and his brother Dray Joseph, a former Southern University quarterback, attended the church.

"I was just wondering where Juan and Dray were because they normally don't miss but one Sunday," Rev. Raymond Johnson tells 9News. "It's rare that they are at church and don't come up afterwards and shake my hand. I've been getting phones calls from our members and staff and they all feel the same way. He was a fine person. I'd met their parents a while ago and I complimented them on what a wonderful job they had done raising the two young men. They are the most polite young men you ever want to meet."

Johnson says Juan had been attending the church for the last couple of years and he and his brother were like twins.

"They were very, very close," Johnson says. "Juan was the older brother and a mentor to his younger brother, but you couldn't tell the age difference. They acted like twins. They were by side by side all the time and would finish each other's sentences."

Investigators say the argument happened at 2 a.m. outside a nightclub at 4700 Bennington Drive in Baton Rouge.

The pastor says this is just another example of a senseless killing in the community and something needs to be done. 

"This whole attitude with young people and violence is something we have to figure out. A disagreement shouldn't turn into a person's life being ended no matter what it was about."

He's reaching out to the family. No word yet on funeral arrangements.

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