Satsuma will have to wait little longer to become a town

SATSUMA, LA (WAFB) - People in Satsuma will have to wait longer than expected to become a town.

H.L. Arledge, with Save Satsuma, an organization geared towards getting the area incorporated, said a required petition was sent to Governor Bobby Jindal's office in efforts to get the incorporation of the area on the November 4th ballot, but the item didn't make it.

“We were disappointed more with the lack of communication,” said Arledge. “We made several calls to the Secretary of State's Office. They were saying we haven't gotten it yet. We finally got in touch with one of the Governors aids and she said it's under review,”.

A spokesperson for Governor Bobby Jindal's office said in a statement:

"We are working with the Attorney General's office and expect them to validate the petition for the election next week, which will allow it to be included on the next general election ballot in March."

People of Satsuma will get a chance to vote to become a town during the March election cycle.

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