Baton Rouge area soldiers receive top honors in shooting competition

Baton Rouge area soldiers receive top honors in shooting competition

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - Top National Guard shooters gathered at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA for the annual Adjutant General's Match shooting competition.

According to the event's organizers, the match is designed to improve combat readiness by exposing soldiers to intense and stressful situations.

The competition was split into rifle and pistol segments, along with precision shooting and reflexive fire competitions. The top twenty shooters get special recognition, as they are placed in the Governor's Twenty.

"Competition is the closest thing to actual combat you can get. Nobody is shooting at you, of course," says State Marksmanship Coordinator 1st Sgt. Tommy McGee, "but in a competition you have stressors that put pressure on you, and you still have to perform well."

In addition to testing shooting skills, the event also serves as an opportunity for more experienced shooters to mentor newcomers.

Area soldiers Seth Woodfield and Derek Cutrer from Prairieville, Benjamin Reed from Baton Rouge, and Zachary Skaggs from Gonzales placed third in the team competition.

Laurence Foster of Baton Rouge, and Derek Cutrer of Prairieville performed well enough to earn a spot in the Governor's Twenty.

The top shooters from this event will move on to the national competition where the state team placed second last year.

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