BRPD takes on newly-annexed L'Auberge Casino

BRPD takes on newly-annexed L'auberge Casino

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On Nov. 18, the Baton Rouge Police Department will patrol even more areas. The L'Auberge Casino and rural land on both sides of Highway 30 all the way up to LSU will officially be annexed into Baton Rouge city limits.

"We are working and adjusting our manpower to suit the needs of the people," said Chief Carl Dabadie.

Chief Dabadie said two officers will begin patrolling the newly-annexed areas. Currently, East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputies patrol inside the casino and parking lot through extra duty details. That will continue, providing police with additional manpower to help cover the new areas.

District 2 on Highland Road is the department's largest district stretching from downtown on one end to Bluebonnet Boulevard and all around LSU. In June, the department took on the Mall of Louisiana and Baton Rouge General.

So far this year, District 2 officers have responded to a total of 42,000 calls. That's 35 percent of all callouts. On average, there are between eight to 10 officers working per shift and the chief says more officers are needed.

"We have a plan from the city to run a post academy in February which will include 10 officers, which is an abbreviated academy that will take about six weeks to complete and a four-week FTO program to get these officers on the streets," said Chief Dabadie.

All 10 of those officers are expected to go to District 2 after they graduate. Meanwhile, there are 34 officers from the current academy who are expected to graduate Monday. Plus, there are two additional academies scheduled for next year. One is in April with 20 recruits and another in October with 30 recruits. That will add 94 new officers to the force by the end of next year.

"We're making adjustments to make sure that there's adequate manpower at second district to handle the call volume. I'm sure as the years go on, there's gonna need to be adjustments made because that area is one of the larger growing areas inside the city," said Chief Dabadie.

Along with sheriff's deputies working extra duty, Louisiana State Police is on hand at the casino and LSU police will continue patrolling any areas that are on school campus.

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