LSU grad debuts healthy drink in Baton Rouge market

Be Well Nutrition co-founder Billy Bosch talks about Iconic
Be Well Nutrition co-founder Billy Bosch talks about Iconic

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The good intentions are often there, but making healthy choices can be a challenge when we're pressed for time. An LSU grad hopes his new product will make that easier as it hits shelves this week in the Capital City.

With pallets stacked to the ceiling, Mockler Beverage's massive warehouse off Siegen Ln. holds thousands of cases of drinks, but their newest delivery stands out among the rest.

“We found ourselves constantly on the go, skipping meals due to our busy schedules, and in our search for something we just weren't really able to find a healthy, tasty snack drink,” said Baton Rouge-native Billy Bosch, co-founder of

Be Well Nutrition


The company's first product is a healthy snack drink called

. Local nutritionist Molly Kimball helped develop the formula, which packs 20 grams of protein and four grams of fiber to help you feel full.

“It only has 130 calories for the whole bottle, and only three grams of sugar, so one thing I noticed is a lot of [similar] drinks are chock-full of sugar,” Bosch said.


is free of artificial sweeteners, and also features energy-boosting vitamins. Bosch said similar drinks market to body builders, dieters or the elderly. But


hopes to carve out a new niche for the everyday person on the move. For Mockler it's a plan with promise, and for Bosch that's half the battle.

“Picking up partners like Mockler is critical to the growth of our business,” he said. “Without Mockler I'd be a guy selling product out of his trunk.”

Be Well

won the majority of its funding thanks to Louisiana's budding scene for entrepreneurs. Bosch and his team raked in over $100,000 through business plan competitions and start-up incubators in the New Orleans area.

“Now we're actually working with a food and beverage accelerator in New York called


, which is helping us prepare for regional and national expansion,” Bosch added.

If you're not a fan of Vanilla Bean or Chocolate Truffle, more flavors are in the works.


is only on its third production run. The long-term goal is to get their healthy option within arms-reach of millions of Americans.

Look for


at Maxwell's Market, Calandro's, Matherne's, and other local grocers and convenience stores. It's already available in the New Orleans area.

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