Student suffers gash to the head during LSU/Bama game

Student suffers gash to the head during LSU/Bama game

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The roar of Tiger Stadium and the heart stopping excitement of LSU football is what drew Dalton Guidry all the way from California to the heights of the student section.

"Just getting the opportunity to come and be a part of that atmosphere is incredible," said Guidry.

However, the sophomore from Sacramento will be returning home with an unexpected souvenir from the season's biggest game against Alabama.

"After the fumble recovery at the end of the game, everyone was going crazy. Some people threw their bottles and cups of whatever they are drinking up in the air," recalled Guidry.

That's when one of those cups landed hard on his head.

"I looked up and just kind of felt my head and when I brought my head down and looked at it there was blood all over it and I thought, 'Oh, this can't be good.'"

Guidry says a cup left a nearly two inch gash in his head. Some other fans nearby got the attention of stadium medics to help. A trip to the hospital later, the mechanical engineering major is facing finals with four staples in his head.  The healing wound can be seen just peeking out from his hair line.

However, it's not the pending scar that he considers the worst part.

"I think the loss to Alabama was probably worse than the pain," said Guidry.

A spokesperson for LSU police said that cases of fans throwing things in the stadium are pretty isolated and that investigators don't get too many reports.

Guidry says he's glad that the fans here are so passionate and that he will definitely be in the stadium at the next game.  But, he suggests that everyone think before they throw.

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