LSU students have mixed reactions to Saturday's vulgar chant

LSU students have mixed reactions to Saturday's vulgar chant

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's just something that happened in the moment. That's what some LSU students said about the vulgar chant heard during Saturday's game against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

A lot of fans were upset about the language from the student section and LSU officials have apologized.

It's not the first time LSU students have been caught using words some deem offensive. If you recall, in the past, the band stopped playing 'Neck' because of another profane cheer from the student section.

Tiger Stadium has been ranked as the loudest by the NCAA. Anyone who's ever attended a game will tell you the atmosphere is loud and crazy. Saturday night while the teams were in overtime Death Valley quieted just enough for one cheer to be broadcast clearly over the national airwaves.

"It started at the top of the student section," said one student. "I just heard the chant carry through the rest of the section."

The chant was directed at rival coach Nick Saban.

"I was like, we bout to get in trouble!" said Charionta Broomfield. "I got home and you could hear it. Usually you can't hear us on TV, but I was like oh my God it's clear as day."

Video clips of the chant have been circulating around social media. Some claim they were showing school spirit, maybe not in the best way.

"We love our Tigers no matter what and Saban, he's a traitor. He left and went to Alabama," Broomfield said.

Some explain it as being caught up in the moment, but others have a different opinion.

"I sold my ticket. I didn't even go because I was tired of sitting in that rowdy, ridiculous crowd," said Ethan Smith. "Does it reflect well on the university? No."

Monday night LSU's Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics issued an apology, saying those who choose to behave in such a crude manner will no longer be welcomed to the games.

Even with the apology, many feel the damage is already done.

"It shows the world who we are and I don't like people seeing us that way," said Katrina Ranier. "I don't like Nick Saban as much as the next person, but it's sad that's what people see us as."

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