Report: Naked sex offender caught recording woman in LSU shower

Report: Naked sex offender caught recording woman in LSU shower

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A registered sex offender from Texas has been arrested and charged after he was accused of using his iPhone to record a woman who was taking a shower.

The incident happened in Herget Hall on the LSU campus in April.

Herget Hall is a co-ed dorm with the halls being one gender only. The first, third and fifth floors are for male students. The second and fourth floors are for female students only.

The victim told LSU police she was showering on the second floor when she noticed a tall silhouette of a person pass in front of her shower and go into the shower next to hers. The person in the next shower stall turned on very loud music. The victim said about five minutes after the music stopped, she looked down and saw an Apple iPhone with the camera facing her. She believed the camera was recording or taking photos of her.

There is about six inches of clearance at the bottom of the shower stalls. The victim immediately covered herself and confronted the person in the stall next to her. The person, later identified as Mystyr Terry Stewart Jr., was standing in the stall by himself and was naked. Stewart told the victim he dropped his phone and was "smirking."

The victim stated at no time did Stewart try to cover up nor did he apologize for his behavior. The victim claims she saw Stewart walking into a room on the second floor as she was walking back to her room.

LSU police were able to identify Stewart from social media and from the registered sex offender site for Texas.

Stewart is a registered sex offender from Marlin, TX. He is also on probation for armed robbery out of Robertson County, Texas and was not allowed to leave the state of Texas.

Stewart was arrested in Texas and was transported on Nov. 6, 2014 to Baton Rouge where he has been charged with video voyeurism.

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