Keeping up with Week 1 in the NBA

Keeping up with Week 1 in the NBA

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Keeping Up With the NBA Week 1

Another Day, Another Injury for the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder just cannot catch a break this season. After losing Kevin Durant for up to eight weeks with a Jones fracture, the team looked to Russell Westbrook to lead them during Durant's injury. The superstar point guard scored 38 points in a loss to the Portland Trailblazers during the first game of the season. His second game was cut short after injuring his hand.

Westbrook had surgery to address the fracture in his right hand and will miss at least 4 weeks. After attacking the team's superstars, the injury bug focused its stinger on some of the Thunder's key role players. Reggie Jackson is out with an ankle injury, Jeremy Lamb is out with a back injury and Anthony Morrow is out with a knee injury.

Perry Jones filled in the small forward position for Kevin Durant. He had been productive and posted a career high 32 point game in a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. However, he was recently injured his knee and is listed as day to day.

The Thunder are currently 1-5. When healthy, this team is lethal. Hopefully they can find a vaccine for the injury bug going around their squad.

Chemistry in Cleveland

The NBA season is long. It is 82 games. Hopefully, the Cavs can find some chemistry in that span before heading to the playoffs. The team is currently 1-2 but could possibly be 0-3 if Derrick Rose did not get injured in their first win against the Bulls.

The Cavs loss their second game of the season 101-82 against the Trailblazers. LeBron James was held to 11 points and went scoreless in the second half. This is only the second time that has happened in his career. James addressed the media after the loss and explained it will be a long process with this team.

"There's a lot of bad habits; a lot of bad habits have been built up over the last couple of years and when you play that style of basketball it takes a lot to get it up out of you," James said. "But I'm here to help and that's what it's about." (


In the team's one win, James led the team in shots taken. In the two losses, that has not been the case. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are both scorers; they will have to adjust their games to work with James'. With 79 games left in the regular season, the Cavs have to find chemistry in order to be successful.

The Kobe Bryant Show

In the movie Space Jam, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes had to win the big game to the Monstars. If not, MJ would have to be a prisoner and main attraction on their planet, being forced to lose every game to customers.

Some relate this movie's fate (that MJ avoided) to Kobe's current situation on the Lakers. He is currently stuck on the Lakers team due to his contract, he is the main attraction and his team is losing every game. The Lakers are currently 0-5.

Kobe has been productive thus far, averaging 27.6 points per game. His efficiency has not been great but neither have his teammates. The Lakers roster is sub-par. With enough cap room to sign a max player, the only moves the Lakers could pull off are a trade for Jeremy Lin and signing an amnestied Carlos Boozer. It also does not help losing your promising first round draft pick with a broken leg injury during the first game of the season.

The team better hope Swaggy P can return sooner than later from his injury and pray they can find another Pau Gasol type trade in which, at the time, they virtually gave up nothing to get him (except the rights to Marc Gasol but he was still overseas at the time). The Lakers season is looking rough but where there is a will, there is a way. Do not doubt Kobe Bryant; it is possible that he can get this team going.

Quick Hits

The Houston Rockets have blasted off thus far this season. They have the best record in the league at 5-0. James Harden has averaged 27.2 points a game and has actually been spotted playing defense.Despite LeBron's departure, the Miami seemed to not have missed a beat. The team is 3-1 losing to only the Houston Rockets. Chris Bosh has looked great averaging 24.8 points per game; that is up almost 10 points from the previous season. Dwayne Wade has also looked good and healthy as well.

Lance Stephenson has been disappointing so far this season for the Charlotte Hornets. He has been decent on the boards and with assists but he was brought in to boast scoring, something the team lacked the previous season. He is averaging 6.3 points a game so far and will need to find his rhythm in order for the Hornets to be a respected team in the Eastern Conference.

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