Landrieu, Cassidy head to US Senate runoff

Landrieu, Cassidy head to US Senate runoff

NEW ORLEANS, LA (AP) - Incumbent Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican challenger Bill Cassidy will meet in a December 6 runoff after neither captured enough votes to win the US Senate seat in the primary election.

"Bill Cassidy, you cannot run; you cannot hide anymore," Landrieu said. "This race is starting tonight."

"I will finish what I started," Cassidy said. "Sixty percent of people in Louisiana are going to vote for change. We've got 32 more days to make sure that change is completed."

Landrieu said the race against Cassidy was starting immediately and her campaign would continue.

At times, she read from a prepared speech, which called for her supporters to hold up signs asking: "Where was Bill?" She challenged Cassidy to six debates before the runoff, one for every year of a senator's term. She also told him don't even think about bringing up President Barack Obama in attacks against her this time.

"This race is not about who the president is, who the president was or who the president will be. This race is about the future of Louisiana," she added.

Attack ads peppered the campaign, backed by a flood of money from outside groups.

Cassidy hammered Landrieu on her support for the policies of the president, while Landrieu used her 18 years of seniority and chairmanship of the Senate Energy Committee as a main selling point.

"The issues between Senator Landrieu and I are clear," said Cassidy. "She has said that she would vote for Obamacare again tomorrow and I can't wait to repeal and replace Obamacare."

The race was targeted in Republicans' push to regain control of the Senate. Cassidy gave up a US House seat to run for Senate.

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