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Prosecutors say there were 88 calls a day between wife and alleged hitman

Monique Kitts (Source: Kiran Chawla/WAFB) Monique Kitts (Source: Kiran Chawla/WAFB)
Karl Howard (Source: WAFB) Karl Howard (Source: WAFB)
Prosecutors say cell phone records show there were more than 88 calls a day made between Monique Kitts and Karl Howard, the alleged hitman she hired to kill her husband.

In Monday's testimony, prosecutors say there were 7900 calls made between Kitts and Howard after the murder, an average of 88 calls a day.

Kitts and Howard are on trial for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. Kitts is accused of hiring Howard to kill her husband, Corey Kitts, for more than $500,000 of an insurance policy.Corey Kitts was found dead inside his home in Addis in July 2010. Investigators said he had been shot three times at point-blank range.

The alleged getaway driver, Corey Knox, says he and Howard went and scoped out the Kitts home twice. And prosecutors showed cell phones records to prove the two were in the area during those times. Additionally, prosecutors say Howard sent Kitts a text on the morning of the murder.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors in a West Baton Rouge Parish alleged murder-for-hire trial called witness No. 16 to the stand. A detective with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office. Prior to that witness, two people who work at Shintech were called to the stand. The victim, Corey Kitts, worked there for 10 years before he was murdered. The witnesses told the jury Kitts had nearly $800,000 in insurance money. That included life insurance, accidental death and pension. They added his wife, Monique Kitts was the primary beneficiary.

The trial will recess until Wednesday due to the election. The prosecution is expected to rest its case on Wednesday.

Last week, the prosecution presented 11 witnesses, including its star witness, Corey Knox, the accused getaway driver in the crime. The defense attorney for Monique Kitts did not say whether he plans to call her to the stand.

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