Power of 9: Liz Judice

Power of 9: Liz Judice (October)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Liz Judice said her love of volunteering began in the meaningfulness of hurricane relief. Now she reaches into the chaos that can be a child's life and becomes that child's court appointed special advocate...a CASA. She helps a young girl now whose troubles are not hers to carry alone. Liz's dedication means that she sees her regularly. She takes her to a movie or to eat, and they talk, talk, and talk. Liz says the child knows that Judice won't judge her. But she also knows if she tells Judice something that's illegal or should not happen that Liz will tell a case worker or a judge. It's her volunteer duty.

Judice spent 20 years as an educator. She retired, then grabbed another job that took her around the world. In the kitchen feeding her pet dog, you can see loads of refrigerator magnets that she brought home in her suitcase from business trips. There are souvenirs from Madrid, London and Tanzania, just to name a few! Judice's life is one of comfort, with nice things and a beautiful home.

Donna Britt said she had to laugh when Liz told her the name of her dog. "Her name is Miley," Liz said. Donna asked, "is she named after that twerking musician?" And Judice bowls over with laughter..."No, A friend of mine named her after Les Miles." she laughed.

Liz wears many volunteer hats, active at church, and even cleans St. Joseph Cathedral, but she does CASA because it's important. It requires some paperwork, and training by CASA to be a representative for an abused or neglected child in court, but Judice is more than willing to do the work. She says she does not think of CASA as work. It easy because it's so important.

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